Red Hat Certified Technician

Red Hat Certified Technician

Red Hat Certified TechnicianHi Guys, after a lot of reading, listening, labbing, and all that fun stuff I’m finally a Red Hat Certified Technician!! The classes are long and you have to take a lot of Red Hat information in. I have worked with RHEL before and it is a pretty solid system but the new Red Hat 7 is great! The RHEV part of it is pretty easy to learn once you get your head wrapped around what similarities Red Hat Linux has to the Microsoft environment.

Red Hat Certified Labs

The Red Hat Certified Technician training and the lab environment can be a little tricky. When you start your RHEL Labs make sure that you have your forum information setup because you are going to have a lot of questions. My experience with the Red Hat “Teacher” is really good, I never had any problems getting in contact with them via email and Red Hat’s support portal for training is very responsive so that was a huge plus because I had to fit the training in while I still have my job to do.

How long does it take to become a Red Hat Certified Technician?

I worked with my Red Hat Rep and he helped me with the scheduling so that if wouldn’t impact my work week that much. They have classes at different times and dates so you can work your schedule around them pretty easily.

I’m also a Red Hat Certified Technician for RHEL Storage and Virtual Environments.

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