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Hello, and thanks for coming to my SEO page. Here I will talk a little bit about SEO and why you need it.

If you are a Manager and looking for what Search Engine Optimization results look like, below you will see a chart pointing up and to the right. I will get into the technical side of things later. There are two types of SEO you should focus on and the first is your Search Ranking. I hear it all the time from companies that “Know what we’re doing” Marketing department. First things first, if you think SEO is a waste of time you are already ten years behind your competition. We want results right? Why not get them for free? You can boast about how big your marketing budget is for online marketing but what if I told you I have reached over 1,000,000 page views in a Single Month with an average of a minute and a half session time without spending a dime? Jaw Dropping Right! Besides my hard work and time of course we can’t make results off of pure nothing, just some elbow grease and Social Media! I made that bold because too many people in management think Social Media is silly and that its for kids. Well you’re right so if you have any problems tell me later on Facebook :)

SEO Case Study Youtube Growth.

Second! If your Marketing team says they can find someone at half the cost or even lower to do the SEO work kiss that money goodbye. There are very few SEO “experts” out there and if you met me you would agree that I am very humble, but damnit! I’m good at SEO, and I’m just not free. So I ask people what SEO is and they say it’s “You use keywords and stuff and put them in your page and google will find you” WRONG, well, mostly wrong. SEO does take in account keywords or “Hit words, Triggers, Alt Tags, Relevant…etc” but it’s how you present the page to the search engine in where that all falls into play.

Back to the 90% (figurative number :) of Marketing departments that want to find the cheapest solution to SEO because its just word stuffing right? I’ll throw some more Hot SEO lingo words like ‘Meta”, “Header”, “Tags”, “Follow”, “Description”, “Title” there are countless hot words to throw around to sound confident. Here’s the catch, I can play basketball but you don’t see me playing for the NBA, right? I can run, jump, throw, make baskets just like them so you would get the same results and I’d be way cheaper so why haven’t they picked me?

Just like a seasoned professional a seasoned SEO guru has a lot of tribal knowledge and are always hesitant to share it. I won’t teach my ways and I was personally taught by one of the best in the business Lon Safko who has written books and done specials on PBS. Lon and I still stay close and have a solid relationship where we share experiences and ideas with one another. Oh that’s right, pictures

SEO Case Study Youtube.

Search Engine Optimization also ties into Social Media marketing, and Social Media marketing ties into SEO marketing. If you don’t have a company account for social media I would highly suggest you create one because it holds more power than you can imagine when used correctly. SEO is very mathematical so you have to be careful on how and when you use your content and always keep it fresh and active. I’m not saying you have to add something new every day but make sure that a returning customer isn’t always seeing the same boring window every time they go to your page.

Have FUN!!! SEO is serious but have fun with it, play with it, see what works and what doesn’t work. If you tried to start a conversation with someone with a story that goes no where that interaction won’t be very long and the person that listened to it got nothing from it and just wishes they could get 5min of their time back. Be Modern, Colorful, not 80’s colorful but have some style. Sterile, overly structured Business pages are in the past. If your website isn’t for a lawyer office there is no reason for you to present yourself as a square.

So in a nutshell for all you TLDR guys out there, SEO is about having Relevant Content, Structured Content, Good Readability, Social Media Marketing, Your Strategies and Demographic. But here again is the SEO catch, now that I know this why am I not hired by the NBA yet? You truly have to work with your pages, social media, content and all of that and tailor it every day tweaking small things here and there until you finally hit your mark and bring on the hits.

Don’t wait up for SEO, Search Engine Optimization takes a long time to be effective, if someone promises you will be at the top of the list in a week or two or a month even, be very hesitant because getting a solid SEO rank fluctuates as it places you, one day you could be on the first page the next day the 100th page or not even listed in this universe. Once you see your site start evening out in the results now you can start playing with the content and watch it go up and down again until it sits.

Tweaking SEO is like re-breaking a bone, it takes time to heal even after small changes. When your manager comes into the office and say “Hey John, can you move this paragraph up here so people can see it better?” you just re-broke the proverbial SEO Bone. Now it doesn’t take as long as a new page creation, but the search engines will be flagged that there is a change and rank it again, so when your boss comes back the next day and says “Why are we on page 9 when we were on page 4 yesterday?!!” well Mr.Bossman because you broke the bone again and now it needs time to heal and get ranked by the search engine again.

There is a whole lot to search engine optimization, just don’t sleep on it because it is one of the biggest tools in free marketing there is.

Bye Now!

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